We Represent Workers

Our team of attorneys is willing to take on the toughest, largest corporations to seek justice for you. Get in touch with us today to discuss your unique situation.

Fighting For the Rights of Workers in Portland

We Focus Our Efforts to Best Represent Clients

There are many areas of law. We only represent workers in discrimination, harassment, and retaliation cases. We fight for workers in cases involving:

  • Sexual harassment,
  • Sex discrimination,
  • Racial harassment,
  • Race discrimination,
  • Pregnancy harassment,
  • Pregnancy discrimination,
  • Age harassment,
  • Age discrimination,
  • Family, medical, and sick leave discrimination,
  • LGBTQ, sexual orientation, and gender identity discrimination and harassment, and
  • Other forms of unlawful discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and hostile work environment.

Fighting for Workers

We represent workers:

  1. Before a legal case is filed,
  2. In the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC),
  3. In the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI), and
  4. In State and Federal Courts.

Representing Workers, Never Employers

In 2010 our firm’s founder, Paul Bullman, began living his dream of opening a law firm that only represents workers. Before then, he represented both workers and employers. Since 2010, our firm has only represented workers, never employers. We use our experience to protect and advance workers’ rights.

Recognized for Excellence

Our attorneys have been recognized for excellence by numerous organizations. Here are some examples:

  • 10.0 Top Attorney Rating from Avvo
  • Rating by SuperLawyers
  • Top 100 Trail Lawyers from The National Trial Lawyers

No Fee Unless You Win

Most clients choose to hire us through a No Fee Unless You Win agreement. This means, clients never pay us an attorney fee unless we win through settlement or trial. Clients are empowered to enforce their rights without worrying about legal bills. This is the way it should be.

Please contact us for a free case review which is private and protected by confidentiality. Please call us at (503) 987-0000.

Fighting for Workers In and Outside Court

Paul Bullman, our managing partner, has served as the elected President for an organization that has over one-hundred employment lawyers who fight for workers. Paul drafts legislation. Paul advises elected officials on legislation. Paul has testified multiple times to state legislative committees in order to make sure the law protects workers’ rights. Both in the courtroom and at the Capitol, our law firm is committed to protecting the rights of workers.

  • “Paul helped me with my case when other lawyers wouldn’t return my call. He is everything you’d want in a lawyer. He returned every call & made everything simple. He kept me updated weekly & I never felt left out.”

    - N.
  • “Paul always kept me informed on my case. He took however long I needed to have my questions answered.”

    - Previous Client
  • “Everyone I spoke with was polite and willing to help.”

    - L.C.

Why Work With Us?

  • We Have Extensive Trial Experience

    As a part of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers recognized by the National Trial Lawyers organization, we have experience successfully winning and appealing cases in court.

  • We Give Back to the Community

    It's important to us that we do our part, contribute however we can, and connect with fellow members of the Portland community.

  • We Go Beyond the Courtroom

    Not only do we fight hard in the courtroom, but we also bring cases to advocacy groups and statehouses to make contributions to systemic change.

  • We Only Represent Employees

    We are willing to take on large corporations and the government in the interest of fighting for our clients and seeking justice in the workplace.

We Only Fight for the Best Interest of Workers

Our attorneys are empathetic to workers who are bullied and intimidated by their employers. Let us help you seek justice if you have been wronged in the workplace.