Former Diversity Recruiter for City of Milwaukee Alleges Race Discrimination

An African American man who was hired as a diversity recruiter for the City of Milwaukee to improve diversity for employees of the city alleges he was fired after reporting race discrimination. The former recruiter alleges that he reported that his supervisors were treating him – and other African Americans – differently than white employees.

In particular, he alleges that his supervisor would say “good morning” to all of the white employees, while never saying anything to him. He also says the same supervisor said to him at one point that “her father did not allow her to date black men because they are liars, manipulators, and take advantage of white girls.”

He brought his complaints about the supervisor up with the City, but was terminated two months later for allegedly poor performance.

The City claims in response that the man became hostile during the meeting wherein he reported his concerns. The City also claims it was justified in terminating him because of his poor performance. He claims this is retaliation on the part of the City.

Retaliating against a person who makes a complaint of race discrimination is illegal under state and federal law.

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