Employee’s Claim of Racist Talk at Work Proceeds to Jury

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that an employee’s claim of racist talk in the workplace should not be dismissed, but rather should proceed to jury.

The employee’s lawsuit alleges that her co-workers would say offensive things about African Americans. Such comments included referring to African American men as “lazy” and the “scum of the earth” as well as saying that President Obama’s ears made him “look like a monkey.” Another co-worker commented that she wished she could send all African Americans “back to Africa.”

The employee also had a dispute with her supervisor, during which her supervisor called her a “dumb black (racial slur).” She was fired later that day.

The employee filed her court in federal court, and the district court dismissed her claims. She appealed, and the 11th Circuit ruled that she could go forward on her hostile work environment based on race claim. The 11th Circuit upheld the dismissal of her race discrimination and retaliation claims.

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Source: https://www.ajc.com/news/local/racist-talk-home-health-care-agency-will-subject-trial/UDpFZW7m3RnkYlVFo64QqJ/