Worker Claims Racial Slurs At Work

Lawsuit Alleges Supervisor Used Racial Slurs at Work

A recently filed lawsuit by a former Baltimore County employee alleges that his supervisor at work would often use racial slurs and make inappropriate comments at work. The lawsuit also alleges that once the employee complained of his supervisor’s behavior, he was transferred from his position as a form of retaliation against him, costing him thousands of dollars.

In particular, the employee, who is African American, alleges that his boss, who is white, would make racist jokes about black people and use racial slurs. The lawsuit also alleges that the employee’s supervisor told a white female that he was dating that she should not date the employee because he is African American. The lawsuit also alleges that the supervisor thereafter attempted to humiliate the employee about his relationship and would make inappropriate comments in front of the woman.

The employee reported the racial harassment and discrimination to Human Resources. The lawsuit alleges that after making his report, the employee was soon thereafter transferred from the facility that he was working at, demoted from a supervisory role, and lost approximately $10,000 in overtime earnings in 2014 and 2015.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and police investigated the employee’s claims, and came to the conclusion that the employee was involuntarily transferred following his discrimination complaint, according to the lawsuit.

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