Hair Based Discrimination, Coming To An End?

Lawmakers Nationwide Seek to End Hair-Based Discrimination

Lawmakers around the country are working to end hair-based discrimination. The proposed federal legislation would clarify that discrimination based on race or national origin would encompass hair texture and style. The law aims to eliminate discrimination in education, the workplace, housing, and other public programs.

At the state level, California, New York, and New Jersey have already passed legislation aimed to prohibit hair-based discrimination. Measures to curb hair-based discrimination have also been introduced in at least a dozen other states. One Wisconsin lawmaker has noted that “race-neutral” grooming policies overwhelmingly affect people of color.

Hair-based discrimination is of particular concern for black men and women, and especially black women, who are more likely to have their hair considered “unprofessional” compared to white women. In a recent study, four out of five black women stated they had been forced to change their hairstyle from its natural state to fit in at the office.

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