Former NBA Player Sues United Airlines for Race Discrimination

Former NBA Player Eric Murdock is suing United Airlines for race discrimination, alleging a flight attendant would not allow him to sit in an exit row.

Murdock had asked a flight attendant if he and his son could move to the exit row, where there was an empty seat, so that they could sit together. He was told he could, and that there would be a premium to pay, which he agreed to pay.

After switching with another passenger to obtain two exit row seats, an unidentified white flight attendant told Murdock that he could not sit there because the exit row needed to be kept open. He and his son complied. About 30 minutes into the flight, a white female moved into the empty exit row. The unidentified flight attendant not only allowed the woman to remain seated there, but also served her drinks.

Murdock thereafter moved to sit in the other empty seat in the exit row next to the white female passenger. The flight attendant, however, approached Murdock and told him he had to return to his seat.

A female black passenger (who is a co-plaintiff in the lawsuit with Murdock) asked the flight attendant why she was being so rude. The flight attendant then allegedly yelled at the passenger and accused her of recording the incident and attempted to take her phone away.

During the beverage cart service later, the same flight attendant asked Murdock if he was going to get a beverage or if he was going to boycott. Murdock did not respond.

When the flight landed at the airport, the passengers were told to stay seated due to an emergency. Murdock and the female black passenger were then escorted off the plane by TSA agents.

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