Portland Police Captain Files Race Discrimination Suit

Portland Police Captain Derek Rodriguez has filed a lawsuit against the city of Portland, claiming that it discriminated against him because he is Latino.

Rodriguez was formerly tasked with leading the police bureau’s Internal Affairs Division, which investigates complaints of officer misconduct. Rodriguez alleges in the lawsuit that he was placed on leave for months and given a two-day unpaid suspension for failing to make a report to the Independent Police Review, while others in the police department who also failed to make the report did not face any disciplinary action.

Rodriguez was also suspended for two days without pay for allegedly failing to report a comment that a coworker found offensive. Rodriguez’s lawsuit questions the bureau’s position that he should have reported a comment made over a casual lunch with a co-worker who is of Pacific Islander descent, who told Rodriguez that the bureau diversity and equity manager asked her “why did you marry a white man?”

Rodriguez’s lawsuit was filed in Oregon’s U.S. District Court.

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Source: https://portlandtribune.com/pt/9-news/402845-299737-portland-police-captain-files-federal-discrimination-lawsuit