Why Subtle Discrimination Creates a Hostile Work Environment

According to a recent article, subtle discrimination – weird looks, avoiding eye contact, staring – can actually be more damaging at times than overt discrimination because the subtle discrimination is low-level and under the radar. Subtle discrimination can be built into a person’s everyday behavioral pattern, and for the person on the receiving end, this can create an uncomfortable and hostile work environment.

Subtle discrimination often leaves the recipient of the cold look or avoided eye contact in a constant state of anxiety, as it can happen repeatedly on a day to day basis, often multiple times a day.

It can be difficult for those who are facing subtle discrimination to know how to report it to human resources or management, because this kind of discrimination can be difficult to describe or identify the reason why it is happening. Still, having a conversation with HR or management is important, as it gives the company an opportunity to correct the discrimination.

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Source: https://money.cnn.com/2018/09/05/pf/subtle-discrimination-workplace/index.html