Power and Sexual Harassment

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, understanding why sexual harassment occurs so frequently in the workplace has become a topic of interest among many. Ultimately, most sexual harassment comes down to power.

Men tend to have the highest-paying jobs in the workplace, even in jobs that predominantly employ women. The power imbalance between men and women – with men often holding the power – can oftentimes be attributed to the reason sexual harassment occurs.

Sexual harassment is a persistent problem across many sectors of the workforce – from low-wage to high-wage jobs, sexual harassment occurs. It is most common in the hospitality industry. And, the #MeToo movement has uncovered many sexual harassment complaints in the entertainment and restaurant industries as well.

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Source: https://wtop.com/living/2018/10/power-imbalances-myths-make-sexual-harassment-pervasive-at-work/