Teacher Files Race Discrimination Claim against a New York School District

An English teacher in a New York school district has filed a race discrimination lawsuit, alleging that she has faced multiple instances of racism in her 17 years with the district. She is the only African American employee in the district.

Her lawsuit alleges that another teacher, who is white, told her that the food inside the office for English teachers was for “whites only.” In another instance, the same English teacher asked her to “translate slave talk for me” in reference to a study of the play “The Crucible.” The woman filed a complaint with the district, resulting in the white employee being demoted.

The teacher also alleges the school has disallowed her from having a dedicated classroom, something that has been afforded a number of white teachers, many with less seniority than she has.

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Source: https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/423376-black-teacher-sues-ny-school-for-discrimination-racial-jeers