Kansas City to Settle Race Discrimination Claim with Firefighter

After recommendation by a city attorney, a city council committee has approved a $111,000 settlement to a former Kansas City Fire Department deputy. The claim is still pending approval from the full city council.

The KCFD deputy brought a lawsuit alleging race and age discrimination and retaliation after he testified in another discrimination case. The deputy had testified on behalf of a black firefighter who had sued the city after being turned down for a promotion to captain.  The deputy alleges he was not promoted to the position of fire chief and was subsequently reassigned to shift commander.

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Source: https://www.kctv5.com/news/kcfd-shift-commander-could-settle-for-in-discrimination-case-against/article_5e4564f6-0395-11e9-970f-9f68d051e687.html