Former UConn Men’s Basketball Coach Files Race Discrimination Lawsuit

Kevin Ollie, the former UConn Men’s Basketball Coach who led the Huskies to a national championship title in 2014, has filed a lawsuit alleging race discrimination against the university.

Ollie alleges he was subject to disparate treatment because his predecessor, Jim Calhoun, was allowed to keep his job as head coach despite committing similar recruiting violations as Ollie did. Ollie’s contract as head coach was terminated in March 2018 for “just cause” based on recruiting violations. Ollie is African American while Calhoun is Caucasian.

Ollie also alleges that the school attempted to deter him from filing a race discrimination complaint after he was fired. He also claims that after he informed the school of his intention to file a complaint, the university refused to go through the “contractual-grievance arbitration process.” That process would decide whether Ollie was to receive the $10 million that remained on his contract when he was fired.

Ollie has filed for an emergency injunctive relief so that he may proceed with his discrimination suit while still pursuing the arbitration grievance process.

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