Portland Store Accused of Discriminating against African Americans

A Portland store has been accused of race discrimination after a customer visited its store and found that products designed for multi-cultural use were being kept behind a locked display.

An African American customer went to a Fred Meyer store in search of shampoo and conditioner, only to find that all of the products designed for multi-cultural hairstyles were kept under lock and key and could not be accessed without assistance from a store employee. The products marketed toward Caucasians, however, were displayed on open shelving.

Many of the products behind the locked display case were valued at $10 or less. This, alleges the customer, is discrimination based on a racial stereotype.

If you believe you have been the victim of race discrimination as a customer at a business, please consider contacting the lawyers at the Bullman Law Firm. We represent individuals, not companies. Our number is (503) 987-0000. There is no charge for your call.

Source: https://thegrio.com/2018/08/29/portland-store-under-fire-for-keeping-black-hair-care-products-locked-up/