Uber Settles Employees’ Suit for $10 Million Covering 480 Current and Former Employees

Uber has announced how it will pay out a $10 million settlement in a class action suit comprised of 480 current and former employees of Uber. $1.9 million will be divided among 56 current and former employees, totaling approximately $33,928 to each employee. Another $5.1 million will be divided among the 480 current and former employees, including the 56 who were part of the $1.9 million settlement.

The lawsuit was originally filed in October 2017 by three Latina engineers who claimed they were discriminated against in comparison to their white or Asian male colleagues. They claimed that Uber used a “stack ranking” system which allowed Uber to “systematically undervalue female employees and employees of color.

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Source: https://money.cnn.com/2018/08/21/technology/uber-settlement/index.html