EEOC Investigates Intel for Age Discrimination

The EEOC is investigating Intel for complaints of age discrimination. Intel’s layoffs in 2015 and 2016 are the subject of the investigation, as allegations arose that the layoffs disproportionately targeted older workers.

In 2016, Intel laid off 15,000 people, which was part of the largest overhaul in the history of the company. The results of the layoffs revealed that workers over the age of 40 were twice as likely to be laid off as workers under the age of 40. The ratio was worse for workers over 60: those over 60 were eight times as likely to lose their job as compared to those workers under the age of 30. A smaller layoff in 2015 revealed similar ratios.

Age discrimination is a big concern in the tech industry. The EEOC also investigated similar concerns at IBM.

When a complaint of discrimination is filed, the EEOC or corresponding state agency investigates the claim as part of a standard practice. Whether the complaints against Intel will result in a civil suit being filed remains to be seen.

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