Ageism in the Workplace – Both Young and Old Affected

A recent survey conducted by a Canadian-based company indicates that ageism, prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age continues to be an issue in the hiring process.

The survey results revealed that 81% believed their age was a consideration in the hiring process. Only 16% said it was not. Nearly half of those that thought ageism was an issue were in the 55-to-64 years old category.

Although age discrimination has long been thought to be an issue for older workers, one company owner says that age discrimination can occur on “both ends of the spectrum.” For Millennials and Gen Zs, they may be passed over for a position because experience is more valued than enthusiasm and creativity.

While age discrimination can be difficult to prove, as employers often do not say that they are not hiring someone because of their age, some examples of comments that may be indicative of age discrimination include: “you’ll probably want to stay home and sit by the pool with the grandkids in a year” or “you are too experienced for the position.” An example of a comment of age discrimination against a younger worker could include “you don’t have enough whiskers.”

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