City of Philadelphia Settles Sexual Harassment Claim with Current Employee

An employee of the city of Philadelphia alleged in a lawsuit that she was sexually harassed in 2016 by a male employee whom the city knew seven years earlier had harassed others. Now, the city is settling her lawsuit.

The lawsuit does not contain an admission of liability by the city – in fact, the settlement denies that the city committed any wrongdoing. It does provide that the employee will receive a six-month leave of absence and a transfer to a new position within the city.

At least three other women have made claims against the city for the conduct of the man who harassed the plaintiff in this case. One of those claims has been settled for the sum of $32,500.

In her lawsuit, the employee alleged that her male co-worker exposed himself to her while at work. The police were called, charges filed, and he was ultimately found guilty of indecent exposure. The man was not terminated from his position until a few months after he was found guilty.

The plaintiff alleged that following her report of harassment, she faced retaliation, including being denied a request to transfer to another department and receiving her first poor performance review since becoming employed at the city.

The settlement will conclude the employee’s claims against the city.

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