Bronx DA Employee Alleges Sexual Harassment by Co-Worker

A Bronx District Attorney employee alleges that she was sexually harassed by a male co-worker in retaliation for her report that employees were consuming alcohol on the job and that prosecutors were having affairs with one another.

She alleges that her colleague became “very obsessed” with her and displayed his obsession by staying late to hang around her, bothering her at her desk during working hours, and arguing with men who spoke to her on the street.

She also alleges that his conduct included unwanted physical contact, including hugs, grabbing her hand, and touching her arms and buttocks. She also alleges he came out of the bathroom one time with his belt unbuckled, pants open, shoes off and shirt unbuttoned.

She claims she informed her supervisor, but nothing was done. She believes the DA’s office ignored her complaints because of her relationship to a NYPD detective who had his own ongoing lawsuit.

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