Disability Discrimination

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Portland Disability Discrimination Attorneys

Fighting for the Rights of the Differently Abled in Oregon

Workers living with disabilities have the right to a workplace free of discrimination. They also have the right to seek fair and reasonable accommodations that will enable them to better perform their job responsibilities.

Our Portland disability discrimination lawyers at Bullman Law Firm can fight for your rights if you have been denied reasonable accommodations or have faced discrimination in the workplace. We are compassionate to the challenges that differently abled workers routinely face and are committed to helping discrimination victims seek justice.

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Understanding Oregon’s Disability Discrimination Laws

Federal and state laws require that employers cannot discriminate against employees or job candidates on the basis of their disabilities or perceived disabilities. This includes temporary and permanent disabilities as well as physical and mental conditions. Federal protections apply to employers with at least 15 employees, while state laws apply to employers with at least 6 employees.

All employees living with permanent or temporary disabilities have the legal right to request reasonable accommodations from their employer. A reasonable accommodation consists of any modification or adjustment that allows a disabled employee to better perform their job responsibilities. Both state and federal law requires that reasonable accommodations be negotiated in good faith.

A reasonable accommodation request can only be denied if the modification or adjustment constitutes an “undue hardship.”. In practice, this means that the accommodation or adjustment would be theoretically too expensive or difficult for the employer to implement. Whether something is too difficult or expensive will depend on the employer’s size and resources.

Our Portland disability discrimination attorneys can help you if you have been subject to:

  • Unfair pay
  • Targeted discipline
  • Denied promotions or advancement opportunities
  • Wrongful termination
  • Rejected reasonable accommodations
  • Any other mistreatment resulting from your disability

Recognizing Disability Discrimination During a Hiring Process

Interviewing for a position as a disabled person can be challenging, especially if you require accommodations to take part in the hiring process or your disability is apparent. You can request reasonable accommodations to participate in an interview. Employers cannot directly ask about your disability, what reasonable accommodations you might need in the workplace, or how your condition might impact your ability to perform the job.

You may be experiencing disability discrimination during a hiring process if:

  • You are asked about the nature or severity of your disability
  • You are asked if you have ever had any mental health problems
  • You are asked how frequently you get sick
  • You are asked about what types of accommodations you might need if hired
  • You are asked any question that appears designed to

Requesting Reasonable Accommodations in Oregon

It is important to understand that an employer cannot flatly refuse a reasonable accommodation request. Employers must negotiate in good faith and attempt to find a compromise if the initially requested accommodation is not tenable. Note that an employer does have the right to request medical verification of the condition that necessitates the requested accommodation.

Examples of common reasonable accommodations include:

  • Modifying work schedules
  • Modifying the workstation
  • Restructuring certain job responsibilities
  • Providing more frequent or longer breaks
  • Providing a parking space closer to the worksite
  • Providing assistive technology, tools, and resources

Our Portland disability discrimination lawyers at Bullman Law Firm can help you navigate difficult situations where your employer refuses to provide reasonable accommodations. We are familiar with what constitutes “reasonable” and can work to combat unjustified claims of “undue hardship.”

If a conflict cannot be settled directly with your employer, we can help you file a disability discrimination complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI). You typically have up to 300 days to pursue a claim with the EEOC and up to 5 years with BOLI. Our team can help you review your options and explore pursuing additional legal action if the EEOC or BOLI are unable to resolve the problem.

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