Giants Hire First MLB Full Time Female Coach

San Francisco Giants Hire First Woman Full-Time Coach in MLB History

For the first time in history, Major League Baseball will have a full-time female coach. Alyssa Nakken is a former softball player at Sacramento State, and she will be a full-time assistant with the San Francisco Giants.

Nakken has been a part of the Giants’ organization since 2014, when she joined as an intern. Most recently she was in charge of overseeing the club’s health and wellness initiatives.

The league has previously had female coaches, but Nakken will be the first full-time assistant. Justine Siegal was the first female coach in a major league organization when she was with the Oakland A’s instructional league team in 2015. And in November 2019, the New York Yankees hired Rachel Balkovec as a full-time minor league hitting coach.

Hiring Nakken is a big sign of changing times in a male-dominated world.

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