Southern University Claims Zero Tolerance Policy on Sexual Harassment, But Still Allows Alleged Harasser to Remain Chancellor-Dean

A news station in Louisiana has obtained access to an internal document at Southern University, which states that the school has a zero tolerance policy regarding sexual harassment. The memo, authored by Southern University System President Ray Belton, acknowledges that women protested on campus recently following news that Chancellor-Dean Bobby Phills would be allowed to return to work for the school, despite four separate allegations of sexual harassment against him.

After the allegations were made public, Chancellor Phills resigned on February 1, 2019. A week later, however, the university announced he would be returning, sparking a protest on campus. The university asserts that it cannot comment on the allegations or investigation involving Chancellor Phills.

In the memo, Belton wrote “there was a #me too march on the Baton Rouge campus. Please know that we see you. We hear you, and we care.”

Still, the school’s handling of this situation leaves a lot of doubt, and at least one of the alleged victims has stated she is “sickened” by the way the school has handled the matter.

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