DOJ Files Second Lawsuit for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The Department of Justice is stepping in for the second time this year to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. The Justice Department filed a lawsuit against a government contractor providing support to teachers in Allegan County, Michigan, on behalf of two teachers who say they experienced sexual harassment at work. Both teachers claim that their former school principal harassed them verbally, as well as subjecting them to unwanted touching that rose to the level of physical assaults, according to the allegations.

According to the Justice Department, the principal has been convicted of criminal assault, but the contractor, Allegan Area Educational Service Agency, did nothing to stop the harassment.

Acting Assistant Attorney John Gore of the DOJ’s Civil Rights division said in part that sexual harassment in the workplace “can be prevented only when employers cultivate workplace environments where workers know that such misconduct will not be tolerated.”

This is the second civil suit filed by the DOJ in 2018. The first was in February 2018, when the DOJ alleged that the Houston Fire Department discriminated against two female firefighters.

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