Ernst & Young Faces Another Sexual Harassment Claim

Ernst & Young, one of the “big four” accounting firms, has been hit with another sexual harassment complaint. This newest complaint is the second in a year that alleges the firm has a culture of lewd behavior and discrimination against women.

A former female partner claims that her supervisor routinely commented on her breasts, made suggestions that she should go with him to strip clubs, and would text her at 2 a.m. while on work trips and ask her to meet him for drinks. In addition, she alleges her supervisor and other men routinely met with clients at bars and strip clubs and excluded women from important business. She also claims that after she complained to senior executives, she was retaliated against, including being warned by an executive to “be careful.”

Ernst & Youngs says the partner’s termination from the firm was legitimate and based on a decision to shut down the real estate banking advisory practice she led for three years. The company claims she failed to close any transactions while she led the practice. However, her attorney claims that she brought in $50 million in revenue, including a deal that generated $5 million in fees shortly before she was fired.

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