Barnes & Noble Fires CEO for Sexual Harassment Allegations

Barnes & Noble previously described the termination of its CEO Demos Parneros as a decision based on Parneros’ violations of company policies, but now say the CEO was fired for sexual harassment and bullying behavior, in addition to other violations of company policies, according to allegations.

This news comes in the wake of a claim by Parneros that Barnes & Noble has defamed him and breached its contract with him. In addition to citing sexual harassment and bullying behavior as reasons for the termination, Barnes & Noble went on to say that the accusations by Parneros against several Barnes & Noble executives and shareholders was just another example of his bullying behavior and failure to take responsibility for his actions.

Barnes & Noble’s decision to terminate Parneros is just another example in the era of the #MeToo movement that no one is immune from being held accountable for sexually harassing behavior.

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