Equal Women Eight Months behind White Men in Wages

Research from April 2018 found that women are paid 80 cents for every dollar earned by a man. But the disparity between the pay of women and men is even larger when considering race, educational level and experience.

Black women have to work an extra eight months to make the same as their male counterparts, which is why Black Women’s Equal Pay Day was celebrated on August 7, 2018. On average, black women earned 66 cents on the dollar compared to white men, regardless of education, experience or location.

The research into pay disparity between black women and white men debunks several myths. For example, one myth is that more education for black women would narrow the gap. The findings, however, revealed that black women at all educational levels make less than white men, even when working the same job. Another myth is that women choose lower-paying jobs and careers than men. The study looked at occupational segregation and, while sometimes it is a choice for a woman to take a lower paying job, oftentimes it is not.

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Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/08/08/black-womens-equal-pay-day-is-even-later-in-2018-than-it-was-in-2017.html